Theme: Forest Resources for Our Future

IWEMM focuses on diverse fields in edible mycorrhizal mushrooms including biology, biotechnology, forestry, environmental science, food industry and culture, economy, and anthropology. In the present workshop, we especially focus on topics of Biodiversity, Taxonomy, Ecology and Physiology, Molecular Biology, Global Climate Change, Traditional Knowledge, Bioactive compounds, Cultivation etc.

Please join IWEMM10 held in Suwa City, Nagano Prefecture, Japan to network, discuss various topics on mushrooms, and enjoy modern Japanese culture, food, technology and nature.

Suwa City, Nagano Prefecture

What's New

(release on 17th Oct 2020)

IWEMM10 organizing committee decided to open the abstract book of IWEMM10 on this site. Please freely download the following PDF file.

(release on 17th Oct 2019)

The disaster of recent Typhoon Hagibis has affected the access route between Tokyo and Suwa area. Recent report from JR and Highway companies suggest that the recovery of this access will take over one week. Therefore, the IWEMM10 organizing committee strongly recommends other routes in this access alternative to the previously released one on our website.

(release on 30th Sep 2019, revised on 7th Oct 2019)
Please check the link to see the details of scientific program of IWEMM10.

(release on 26th June 2019)
IWEMM10 organizing committee decided that the deadline of abstract submission will be extended by 21th July 2019. Please join IWEMM10 and submit your presentation abstract. As well, early-bird registration will be extended by 21th July 2019. Thank you very much for your cooperation!